Upcoming New Short Film Shudhu Tumi Nandini

Kolkata : The new Bengali film "Shudhu Tumi Nandini" is going to be directed by Prosenjit Das and produced by Idea Entertainment. Indrakshi Dey, Amit Pal, Reena Pal  will be seen in the main characters. The shooting of this movie has just become a multi-storey building in the city. "This movie is all about love,

 estrangement and naughtiness. It will leave a mark on the minds of people of all ages. But since this is a short film, I thought the production house would release it directly without sending it to any festival." Said the director of the film Prosenjit Das. As this is Idea Entertainment's first production, producer Reena Pal

 told that, "This is our first production. Ever since I heard about the concept of shooting, Prosenjit Babu has been working on a stimulus to come to the floor. In fact, we have new faces - new talent. I am optimistic that Idea Entertainment will have a reliable source of employment for newcomers to the city.

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