Good Se Bad, Bad Se Mad! Introducing thrilling and mysterious world of Bob Biswas

  He could be an old friend you bump into on the Kolkata streets, a colleague you shared a meal with, he could tell you it was all fine, or he might reach into his bag for a gun - Appearances can be deceiving! Bob Biswas, a story of full on unpredictability, deviance of a deadly contract killer with amnesia is primed to air on &pictures on 11th June at 10 pm. With the versatile Abhishek Bachchan as Bob Biswas, get ready to sink into a world of thrill and mystery.


The adept debutant director Diya Annapurna Ghosh brought forth Bob in great authenticity with an archetypal look and the significance of every layered character that unfolds interestingly as the story moves ahead. Also starring Chitrangada Singh as Bob’s wife Mary, who finds herself juggling between emotional and financial struggles while living with a husband who has no memory of their life together post an 8-year coma.

Talking about the character, Abhishek Bachchan said“Bob Biswas is a carefully written character, the complexities of living dual life as a family man and a hitman were mindfully sketched out. We had thorough discussions on how to make Bob look unsuspicious and as regular as possible. Even though the film was set in Kolkata and Bob being a local guy, we decided against him having an accent because to be real, having lived in Mumbai all my life, I do not have a Marathi accent so why should Bob. This attention to detail makes Bob Biswas a memorable and lifelike character. And the world we built for Bob supported his alter egos perfectly.”


The plot wavers around Bob Biswas, as a serial killer who has forgotten everything about his terrifying profession owing to his memory loss. The film showcases the conscience crisis where Bob constantly finds himself in a dilemma of profession versus morality portraying great depth of his existential angst. He tries to reconnect with his wife and children. However, he is once again embroiled in his former job as a cold-blooded serial killer. What follows is a web of murder, crime, and conspiracies.


Don’t forget to catch &pictures premiere of Bob Biswas on 11th June at 10 pm

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