Meet the mysterious Bob Biswas with the World Television Premiere of ‘Bob Biswas’ on Zee Cinema

  If you woke up from a long coma and realized you are your own biggest enemy, what would you do? This haunting question surrounds the world of Bob Biswas. A simple family man with a wife and two kids who works as an insurance agent by day and a contract hitman by night – director Diya Ghosh’s version of the mundane but mysterious Bob Biswas highly pleased the critics as well as audiences across the country. Set in the heart of Kolkata, the film carves a niche for itself by harnessing the elements of subtle dark comedy in a serious crime thriller. Donning this palpable thriller on screen, we have Abhishek Bachchan in and as Bob Biswas along with the ravishing Chitrangada Singh. Sink into a world of thrill and drama as Bob Biswas navigates his memory and overcomes the dilemma of double life that put him on a bridge of good versus evil with the World Television Premiere Bob Biswas on 30th April at 9:30pm only on Zee Cinema.

When you remember characters and their peculiarities long after you've watched a film, you know you have watched something special. And in this case, one can’t help but notice how Abhishek Bachchan has perfected even the smallest details of the peculiar character Bob Biswas. Whether it’s his expressions of un-surety, juggling his identities or even his bodily transformation, he’s got all the nuances of the part perfect to the T.

Talking about the film, Abhishek Bachchan said, “Bob Biswas’s character in ‘Kahaani’ left the audience spellbound with his eerie yet interesting characteristics. When Sujoy approached me with Bob Biswas’s script, I had not even seen the film ‘Kahaani’, thus my perception of the character Bob was limited. However, during the lockdown I watched it and I was truly blown away. Our director, Diya’s perspective of the character was definitive yet fluid for me to have my creative advances. Bob’s character isn’t very expressive and being the protagonist there are quite a few subtleties that needed to showcase what a cold-blooded assassin living a normal, middle-class life with his family would look like. I had to absorb the essence of the character to do justice to the audience. It’s a character that will keep surprising you through the movie.”

Talking about the film, Chitrangada said, “I was intrigued about my character when I first read that Mary is the wife of Bob Biswas, who is a mystery in himself. While she was calm and composed even after learning of the devastating turn of events in Bob’s life, she stood by him like a rock and patiently tried rehabilitating Bob. She is a strong woman who goes through life and its issues without being dramatic, that’s the understated strength that intrigued me the most and what I ended up admiring in Mary.”

The film, Bob Biswas, takes us through the journey of a simple family man who is the most unlikely looking professional assassin, who after 8 years wakes up from coma and loses his memory. An unpredictable man who has no recollection of his notorious past. But as they say, your past has a way of catching up with you. While Bob struggles to lead a normal life, he is approached yet again to go on a killing spree. He finds himself torn between moral dilemmas.

Find out who Bob is with the World Television Premiere of Bob Biswas on Zee Cinema on 30th April at 9:30 pm! 

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