“Celebration of Gifting a Life” DATRI with Tata Medical Center organised a Donor Recipient Meet

  Kolkata : DATRI Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry organised a Donor Recipient Meet (DRM) at Tata Medical Center Auditorium, Kolkata on 28th March 2022. DATRI thanked and presented a memento to Dr Mammen Chandy, Director of Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, for his relentless support and help to DATRI. It brings us immense pleasure to share this moment and our association with him since DATRI's inception in 2009. 

On the occasion Dr. Mammen Chandy, Director, Tata Medical Center said, "I am happy to support DATRI in its lifesaving mission. An association of many years and saving many lives. With DATRI's India’s largest database of blood stem cell donors registry, we are able to help many blood cancer patients who are in need of a donor. I would encourage everyone to step forward and register with DATRI. With this we can bring hope to many patients lives."

Every day we learn alarming figures, of the reported cases diagnosed with blood cancers in the country. Thirteen-year-old Aliva Rout (from Balasore, Odisha), was suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) a blood cancer. Aliva along with her parents was invited on stage to meet her lifesaver Prashanth Venkataraman. Aliva Rout's Father said, "Aliva is our only daughter, we had no other option than finding a match outside the family. I am grateful to DATRI Blood Stem Cell Donors registry for helping my daughter with a perfect match to gift her a second chance at life. I can't express my gratitude to the donor for stepping forward to help our daughter. It brings so much joy to meet the saviour of our little daughter. "

Adding to this Prashanth Venkataraman, Aliva Rout’s Donor from Chennai said, "If you have donated blood at some point you come out of the hospital satisfied that the blood you donated today is going to save someone's life. Blood Stem Cell donation is just as safe and could gift a life to someone suffering from cancer. I thank DATRI for giving me this opportunity and I am humbled that such a small thing I did could have such a massive impact on someone else."

While addressing the audience, Ms. Sumati Misra, Head – Counseling & Transplant Centre Management, DATRI said, “While we celebrate these Gifts of Lives as these are testament to the work we do; we need to remember the patients still waiting for a match. Even though we have 4.7 lakh registered donors, we still have miles to go. In a country like India, registered donors are less than 1% of the population. Each of us needs to help spread the light of awareness, register new donors and dispel the darkness of ignorance and myths. Once matched, we need to support and encourage our friends and family to donate. Days like today are a celebration as a survivor meets their donor. Challenges are opportunities and DATRI’s mission is to give each patient a 2nd chance at life. Each new donor registered is a ray of hope for patients looking for a match, so register NOW!” 

The second recipient was a fourteen-year-old Chandranath Banerjee (from Agarpara, West Bengal), who was suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) a type of blood cancer. Chandranath Banerjee's Father, Mr. Kalidas Banerjee said, “We are blessed to have met the saviour of our son. Every time I see my son, I pray to God for blessing us with Mr. Nizamudheen, a perfect match for our son, who has gifted a second life to our son. Nothing can compare to what he has done for us. And yes, thankful to DATRI Blood Stem Cell Donors registry for finding the match for our son. Their lifesaving mission has been helping many people like us all across the country. I am in debt for everyone who has helped us to save our child, our doctor, to the donor and off course DATRI. Thank you.” 

Nizamudheen, Chandranath's donor from Mallapuram, Kerala said, “I came to know about DATRI when I was in college. After two years of registering as a potential donor with DATRI, I got a call that I have been found as a perfect match for someone in urgent need of a blood stem cell donor. I feel I have just done my duty as a human being. It is the least anyone can do. When you can save someone’s life through such a simple and safe process of blood stem cell donation. I appeal to one and all to join and register with DATRI and its lifesaving mission. Today, I’m extremely happy to meet and see that I indeed helped someone to gift a life. It adds immense joy and makes my life even more meaningful and worthy.” 

The entire event filled with emotions, tears of overwhelming joy to celebrate the young children who got a second chance of life gifted by the generous donors who stepped forward to donate their lifesaving blood stem cells. All the doctors, donors and the recipients were thanked for their support to DATRI for saving many lives. DATRI representatives addressed the audience with many inspiring and real life experiences and complimented the donors with mementoes.

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