Beat the heat this summer with Crompton’s newly-launched Cool Breeze Desert Cooler Series

 Kolkata: With summers finally arriving and temperatures soaring, keeping cool has become critical. Instant cooling with a high performing, energy-efficient air cooler will surely help you pass through the season of scorching heat with ease. Bringing with it more than 80 years of experience in cooling products like fans, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. adds another innovation to its cooling ecosystem with the launch of Cool Breeze Desert Cooler Series. With superior cooling performance, advanced technology and distinctive consumer-friendly features, this latest range by Crompton will ensure you have an indulgent, cool summer filled with comfort and ease.

With climate change becoming a harsh reality, and temperatures reaching a record high, we are more likely to witness extreme temperatures in the coming season. The sweltering heat waves, and scorching temperatures make it even more important for us to experience instant cooling the moment we get home after a tiring day outdoors. The need for instant cooling is essential, not only to beat the heat, but also allowing us to experience comfort, convenience along with mental as well as physical wellbeing during summers. Coolers, therefore, have the added edge with affordable, durable, and energy efficient features that provide the best cooling comfort anytime and anywhere. With an aim to enhance the overall consumer experience, Crompton has launched its new range of air coolers which delivers Jaldi Cooling called the Cool Breeze Desert Coolers.

Presenting a unique set of Cool Breeze models to help you beat the heat this summer, Crompton’s latest range is crafted for cooling comfort with modern aesthetics. Designed to deliver the best-in-class instant cooling even on the hottest day, the following features include:

  • Superior Cooling Performance - The air cooler with its high air delivery performance and an air flow of 55 ft. throws a cool breeze up to 5000 m3/hr& consumes only 200W.

  • Everlast Pump - Helps in preventing jamming issues in the cooler even with hard water, thus ensuring durability of the pump.

  • 4 Way Air Deflection – Helps in adjusting the direction of air according to your need and quickly cools every corner of your room.

  • Ice Chamber - Equipped with an ice chamber, the cooler ensures to throw cool air with a boost of ice like cooling.

  • Honeycomb Pads - Get prolonged cooling and superior comfort with honeycomb pads that offer superior cooling for a longer period.

  • Easy Cleaning & Hassle-free Maintenance –Equipped with easy to open side panels for hassle-free cleaning & maintenance.

  • Inverter Compatible - Inverter compatibility for uninterrupted cooling allowing you to experience cool air even during power cut.

  • Motor with Overload Protection– Ensures the safety of the motor and pump.

  • Auto Swing Vertical Louvers - Equipped with auto swing louvers with motorized vertical louver movement, the air cooler oscillates to cool up the entire room.

  • Warranty - 1-year Domestic Warranty of Electrical components. 

Speaking about the latest innovation, Mr. Sachin Phartiyal, Vice President, Appliance Business - Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd said, “With summers becoming hotter than ever, getting instant relief from the heat has become important now more than ever. Heat waves are becoming the new normal and the modern day consumer looks for instant cooling indoors after an exhausting time outdoors. Through the years, Crompton has continuously aimed to enhance the lives of the consumers by delivering instant cooling, superior quality and efficient functionality. Considering how the consumers’ lives have changed today, Crompton consistently evaluates what they need to make their lives more comfortable. With more than 3 lac satisfied customers with Crompton Ozone Coolers running successfully for the last 8 years and Optimus Desert Coolers having the highest air delivery in the industry, we are advancing our innovation in the air cooler category with our new range that provides innovative designs and ensures superior cooling performance to ensure sweat-free and comfortable summers!”

The Cool Breeze range of air coolers is available across the 1.5lac retail points of Crompton and e-commerce channels as well.

Experience versatility for all your cooling needs with Crompton’s Cool Breeze series that can cool much more efficiently offering fresh air while being environment friendly and economical in comparison to air conditioners.

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