Surya Food Farms Pvt. Ltd. expands its Snacks Category with the Launch of Mr. Funtee

 Kolkata : Kolkata headquartered Surya Food Farms Pvt. Ltd, a one of the leading players in the Food & Snacks Market in the state, announced the expansion of its Snacks Category with the launch of a range of snacks under a new Brand - Mr. Funtee.

Known for its flagship brand Baker’s Bite, Surya Food Farms Pvt. Ltd is into Biscuits, Cakes, Rusks and Snacks manufacturing. The new Mr. Funtee range, which includes different types of Chips – Rings, Tera Mera, London Popcorn, Pasta, Make Up Box, Lakhi Bhandar, Balloon, Jungle Book, Noodles, Need For Speed, Jackpot, ATM and Didi No.1, marks the Company’s entry into the vast Healthy Chips Market.

Mr. Funtee was first launched in the districts of West Bengal. After understanding the market requirement and receiving overwhelming response, the Brand has entered the Kolkata Market along with Odisha and Jharkhand.

Mr. Raj Agarwal, Director, Surya Food Farms Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are really happy to announce the expansion with the addition of a new brand – Mr. Funtee, mainly focused on the kids and new-age consumers. With the growing snacks market of West Bengal, people are seeking healthy and tasty snacks for themselves and their kids. The Company’s uncompromising commitment to the health and safety of its consumers ensures adherence to the highest levels of quality, safety and hygiene standards in manufacturing processes and in the supply chain. It ensures that quality standards are stringently adhered to while choosing ingredients that go into the preparation of its products. With the launch of Mr. Funtee range of products, we are now giving consumers a healthier and tastier option which will elevate their overall snacking experience.”

Mr. Raj Agarwal added, “Our food and snacks business is one of the fastest growing food and snacks businesses in West Bengal. The Company has grown rapidly even during pandemic effects on the food sector and increased its manufacturing capacity many folds. The market is vast with lots of opportunities. We are proud to that within a span of 2 years we are currently in the top 5 snacks manufacturers in West Bengal.”

The launch of Mr. Funtee’s extended range will be accompanied by a 360-degree communication campaign intended to bring the brand's latest innovations, including print and digital campaigns, along with strong in-store exposure.

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