Glycerin and Honey: An essential addition to your winter skincare regime

 Kolkata : Ah winter! Winters always remind us of a cozy sweater, the warmth of a cup of hot chocolate, the snuggles of a comfy blanket, wearing woolly socks right beside the heater or of long walks on sunny afternoons.  Everything about this season is perfect, except our skin that sometimes tends to lose the charm and makes it look dry and dull. It becomes flaky and dry at regular intervals, no matter the number of moisturizers or lotions you use to hydrate it with. In the hopes of improving the situation we land up using number of products without paying heed to their composition. Most of these do more harm than good, so BEWARE!

What we need to look out for is something more natural, that softens the skin, adds glow and radiance without clogging up thepores. We have listed the importance and benefits of using the two most essential ingredients to address these concerns. Items that can be easily sourced-Glycerin and Honey when used in combination, they act as an excellent source of hydration. Let’s look at few wonderful benefits of this combination that can be restorative for our skin during winter.

For plump skin? As we age, our skin’s natural protective barrier weakens and leaves our skin vulnerable to pollution and other environmental factors.  By adding glycerin into your skincare routine and bathing ritual, you’re helping the hydration process, giving your skin valuable doses of moisture. Products like Vivel Glycerin and Honey bodywash could be a great addition to your daily bathing ritual to add the moisturizing effect to your skin. The best part about this is that they work on all skin types – even oily.

Softens and smoothens: Glycerin and honey combined tightens your skin’s texture. Careful exfoliation is the key for fresh cell generation that keeps your skin looking great. Honey contains natural enzymes that helps remove dead cells on the skin gently. When combined with glycerin, during bath, it locks in moisture and gives your skin a silky finish. Make your bath a self–pampering daily ritual by using Vivel Glycerin and Honey body wash that is available at Rs. 240 for 500ml on Flipkart.

Protective shield: Your skin’s natural oils are often stripped during the bathing process, whether from a hot water or harsh products. One of the most amazing benefits of using glycerin and honey on the body is that they help thicken the layer of your skin called epidermal by forming a protective layer. They prevent loss of moisture and shield skin against harmful environmental elements.

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