Catch the World HD Premiere of socially stimulating stories ‘Waah Zindagi’ and ‘Turtle’ on &pictures HD

 Kolkata: The mere existence of cinema is to enrich lives with thought-provoking stories and lucid perspectives. Accelerating this notion, &pictures HD presents HD first premiere of critically acclaimed films Waah Zindagi and Turtle on your TV screens this January. Evangelizing the ‘Make in India’ movement, Director Dinesh S Yadav brings forth an intriguing story of an aspiring entrepreneur trying to make a place for himself in a marketplace plagued by foreign products in Waah Zindagi. And with the National Awards winning movie Turtle, he sheds light on the need for water conservation with a riveting narrative set in Rajasthan. So, catch the captivating tale of an entrepreneur with the HD first Premiere of Waah Zindagi on 6th January at 8pm followed by the HD first Premiere of Turtle, an engaging social drama on 20th January at 8pm. The viewers can also watch Waah Zindagi on 7th January on &pictures at 8:30am and on Zee Cinema HD at 8pm. And Turtle on 21st January on &pictures at 9am and on Zee Cinema HD at 8pm.


Produced by Ashok Choudhary’s Shivazza Films & Entertainment, the two exceptionally humane stories, Waah Zindagi and Turtle, centre around people dealing with circumstances at grassroot level. Both the stories received massive appreciation worldwide for the brilliant depiction of realities of society. Waah Zindagi and Turtle feature an uber-talented cast including Sanjay Mishra, Naveen Kasturia, Vijay Raaz, Manoj Joshi and Plabita Borthakur in pivotal roles. Helmed by the uber-talented cast both the movies Waah Zindagi and Turtle received astonishing response from the critics at the film festivals.


Talking about the films, Sanjay Mishra said, “I choose stories that hold some meaning in a larger sense. While I take on characters that resonate better with the masses but at the same time taking on films such as Waah Zindagi and Turtle, makes me complete as an artist. Working with Dinesh, Vijay Raaz, Manoj Joshi and Naveen was a fulfilling experience, we all shared a time band owned by adventurous encounters on the sets. I am elated to know that these two films, which are very close to my heart, are going to reach huge audiences through the medium of TV.”



With an underlying theme of ‘Make in India’, Waah Zindagi is a story about a poor farmer boy with a dream to run his own business and be with the girl of his dreams. However, the years of hard work and struggles amount to nothing as Chinese products invade Indian markets and put locks on Indian industries and businesses. Thus begins the battle to regain market position with indigenous products.


The next heart touching story, Turtle, is about the acute water scarcity through the travails of Ramkaran. Following the struggles of the villagers to dig out water from the depths of the deserts, Ramkaran decides to build a well. However, the birth of his grandson coincides with the well going dry and the villagers blame the child for the calamity. Ramkaran takes on himself to dispel this notion and embarks upon a life-changing journey.


This January, tune-in for the HD first premieres of Waah Zindagi on 6th January at 8pm and Turtle on 20th January at 8pm on &pictures HD

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