Music Composer Amit Trivedi with Rana Mazumdar Baul and singer Gautam Das with their new composition - FaataFati!

 Kolkata: Amit Trivedi, Rana Mazumdar Baul and Gautam Das come together to pay reverence to the state with a soul- West Bengal with their creation Faatafati. With a culture as rich and multi-dimensional as one can imagine, the song beautifully captures its essence through the lens of a visitor who has longed to be here.

Shot completely in West Bengal, the trio had a great time jamming, discussing the magnificence of the state, the charm of its nooks and corners, the heritage architecture, colourful folk festivals, music and art forms and the delicious ethnic specialities that makes one love the place so much.


Amit Trivedi expressed his excitement saying, “FataaFati takes us on a journey of exploring West Bengal so we get to know more about the iconic state. Spending time away from all the chaos, in the midst of the unbridled natural beauty and wonders of West Bengal, this melodious yet simple composition of FaataFati is bound to cast a magical spell on the audience”


Link: Watch Skoda Sonic Roots only on Voot and all the songs on the AT Azad YouTube channel

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