Save the mobile retailer fraternity, move the country forward campaign

7-page open letter was delivered by the All India Mobile Retailer Association (Aimra) to Mr Sunil Baby, Sales Director of India's number one mobile brand Xiaomi. Through this letter, Aimra has explained in detail the dual policy of the company and the deception (business fraud) as per the agreement with about 20000 Xiaomi Preferred Partners present all over India.

It is also mentioned in the letter that the company has almost stopped all channels of communication (positive communication initiatives) with Aimra. Whereas they know that Aimra works with all the mobile brands for the growth and development of this mobile retail fraternity.

Through an official letter, Aimra has also invited him to get the veracity of his and Amira's alleged claims checked by a third agency, so that it can be found out that whose claim is true. At the same time, it was also told that the Competition Commission of India's investigation and investigation report can also investigate the truth of Xiaomi's claims, which is a harsh truth.

It has also been told through the letter that how all the retailers have been divided into different categories and no transparency has been kept in the matter of giving stock in their name and there is plenty of stock online and empty basket in the name of stock to offline partners. Only false promises were made by Xiaomi's team and their leader. Whereas in the beginning those retailers, relying on the verbal assurances of the company header. Manu Kumar Jain (which was built based on lies even at that time) removed the boards of their competing companies, almost hostile to them, and got Xiaomi's boards installed at their shops. In the beginning, the company gave a lot of stock, and (in the naive part of a well-thought-out strategy) also won the trust of the shopkeepers.

But when the brand reached the number one position and seeing its nefarious plan being successful, it exposed its reality in front of everyone.

Due to the pressure of Xiaomi's unethical, undesirable, and excessively unnecessary pressure business policy and unusual scheme structure, merchants unwittingly sell pre-activated mobiles which are against the Indian Penal Code, about it in detail in the letter. Describing its ill-effects has been written and it has been demanded that the company should disclose its retail policy.

By not providing stock to its offline partners and explaining its impact, it has been tried to tell the company that this business will not be one-sided but will run only through mutual trust, coordination, and cooperation.

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