The Former Cabinet Minister of West Bengal, Gautam Deb Launches his Book: “Forging An Audacious City”

 Kolkata : Bengal as a whole has changed significantly over the past years. From the past housing crisis that gripped the city in the late 1990s to sudden urbanization around the city that drafted its roots in the deep suburbs as well, the state with only one metropolis (Kolkata) may have found a futuristic alternative in New Town. 

Gautam Deb, in his experience as a former Cabinet Minister in the Left Front Government, has seen the face of Bengal transforming in its own way over these past few decades. As the Housing Minister of the Left Front Government, Deb took on various mass housing projects in and around Kolkata to provide affordable living spaces. However, his role as the person behind the planned city of New Town has to be acknowledged separately. 

The book written by him and published by Dasgupta Publishers takes the reader into the meticulous planning and the inclusive vision that went behind New Town. It explores various nuances such as modern conceptualization, affordability for the masses to state-of-art facilities, and also deals in detail about the unique financial planning that was implemented for this colossal project. It also takes us through some of the political and environmental issues that were raised.  

The book’s primary focus is to show the efforts and challenges undertaken by the author and the Left Front government to build New Town as it stands today. 

The Ceremony will be conducted in the presence of  Inauguration of the event by Former IAS Sri Bikram Sarkar, Lingustator DR. Pabitra Sarkar, Published By  Das Gupta & Co. Pvt. Ltd. 

Availability of the Book: Online Das Gupta & Co. Pvt. Ltd.   / National Book Agency Pvt. Ltd

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