“Cooking does not need to be a mundane chore, make it enjoyable” says Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

 Kolkata: The thought of preparing a meal after an exhausting day of work is not an ideal scenario that we had envisioned. The inability to unplug from work adds to the exhaustion. It deters us from picking the knife and enjoying a home cooked meal.

But, what if cooking was made into an activity that helps you relax? Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who has been cooking for over 20 years says, “For most people, cooking seems like a chore that they need to complete. I think, if you change the way you engage with it, it will begin to be an enjoyable experience altogether. Instead of making it a mundane activity that is powered by muscle memory, be involved in each step. Think of it as an activity that is helping you sustain your body. So, from washing vegetables, to chopping, cooking and finally cleaning the dishes with a dishwashing gel like Nimeasy, enjoy the entire process.”


Here’s how Chef Sanjeev Kapoor recommends doing the same:


Entering the kitchen: When you enter the kitchen, smile to yourself. Instead of pulling out pots and pans, think about the recipe you are making and how the dish would make you feel after you have completed eating it. With this motivation, either look at the recipe that you have written down/bookmarked online or recall it from memory.


Wash the produce: Take the vegetables and fruits you would be using and wash them with a natural action product like Nimwash. Feel the water when you soak the produce in it and notice its freshness after you rinse them with water. If you are cleaning rice or dal, feel the texture of the grains and lentils when you move your hand around as you clean it with water.


Chopping vegetables: What might seem as the most boring activity can be changed into a mindful one. Experiment by cutting the produce differently. Observe the different colours of veggies and notice the change in colours when you peel or cut them.


Cooking: Sense the weight of the pan, pot or the pressure cooker as you lift it to put it on the stove. Smell the oil/butter/ghee when you temper it with herbs and spices. Notice, how it splutters when it is being added to a dal or curry. Take a whiff off the flavours as you add salt to your food and enjoy the aroma that your kitchen is emanating. If you find your mind wandering while making rotis, take a breath and observe how each stroke of the rolling pin is changing the roti’s shape, slightly but surely.


Cleaning: After cooking, clean out the mess and keep all the ingredients in its place, from your spice box to the bottle of oil. Soak all your vessels in a dishwashing gel liquid like Nimeasy for 20 minutes and marvel at how it’s enzyme technology is helping you rinse the vessels easily. Once you are done, remind yourself that you have cleaned the dishes to create a safe and hygienic environment for your kitchen.


Eating: Now that you have cooked, ditch the phone and savour each morsel you eat. Feel the texture on your tongue and relish the flavours as you enjoy each bite.

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