Kolkata : Asha Audio Company presented a new Bengali Rap song, ‘Payback’, sung by Srijon. Lyrics & composition is done by Srijon and Music arrangement is done by DJ Sumit Pradhan. The song is now available in Asha Audio’s YouTube channel and across all music platforms.

Srijon is a Bengali Rapper as well as a RJ, who hosts and produces show for the esteemed Radio station he is attached with.

“The song ‘Payback’ is about hope and more than that. This is the first time ever Asha Audio Company has released a Bengali Rap song. We loved the ideation and the approach of the song. It was overall a nice experience to work with Srijon. We are hopeful that the audience will love the song,” said Apeksha Lahiri, Asha Audio Company. 

“During this pandemic situation I was blessed to do live shows directly from studios, got to interact with so many people, real time. I learned about different kind of insecurities of people, shedding away their masks they come out with their fear and anxieties. We all are on the same boat. Many of us are trying to see the life in a different way. We have set our priorities also in a newly. Our lifestyle went off track, but now we are trying to come back into the good old disciplined one. We all are getting to understand the value of life, but our fears and anxieties are holding us back. The song depicts that very realization of all of us that life is really unpredictable; unprecedented things can happen at any point of time. So, no matter what, it’s best to live the life the right way and to the fullest. The song reflects this thought but simultaneously also reflects the frantic state that we are in, constantly hoping that we are not too late”, Singer, Lyricist and Composer, Srijon.

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