Vaccination camp at Baranagar by Actor Singer Suparna Kumar

Covid 19 is still a worrisome matter worldwide, especially in India due to the country’s population density, no exact medication and inadequate vaccination. But right now, there are also a few non-government organizations and individuals are coming forward to save poor and backward people’s life by arranging vaccine for them. One of them is Suparna Kumar, an actor and singer. Suparna has very recently finished one of her shorts "Unlucky Shirt" directed by Suranjan Dey.  Also, she has made a playback for the film. Though this is not the first time she has appeared in playback, rather she has synched her voice with Kunal Ganjawala and Kumar Sanu in Hindi. In coming month Suparna is going to shoot her next “Phaand”, based on the story “Andhakarer Abayob”. Film is going on floor in Suranjan Dey’s direction in July.
Between the gap of her works Suparna recently took a wonderful initiative by arranging vaccination camp and making 117 poor and physically handicapped people vaccinated in Baranagar Hashikhushi Club. In the previous lockdown also, she helped poor and stray animals. 
Suparna said that now she is free for lockdown and from next month she will be busy again in recording and shooting. In the meanwhile, she is arranging charity works for poor and distressed people. Not everyone is being able to appear at Government Hospitals for free vaccination as there is a long queue every day and there are people for who are unable to buy vaccine to fight against covid 19. For them Suparna with the help of a few medical staffs came forward to vaccinate people and arranged a camp. 
Suparna is keeping her charity moves on either by vaccination camp or by feeding distressed or by medicating them. If Sonu Sood can think of the whole country, there is Suparna in Kolkata, who also reminds of humanity much before than stardom.

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