Sankalpa helps for Relief along with tollywood couple Ankush and Oindrilla

Some college students formed a social group to stand by the poor people and named it Sankalpa. Situated at Uttarpara, this team started working from 2017. In that year they distributed books and food to 40 children at an orphanage. In 2018, they gifted toys and food to the young children living on the streets of the Howrah station. Donated food at Konnagar Old-age Home in 2019 along with new clothes and food to kids in Hedua during the Durga Puja. 

In 2020, when the covid first wave had spread its branches to almost every household, they distributed food and necessary items to the slums of Makhala.

In the beginning of January 2021, they organised a blood donation camp for patients affected by Thalassemia. On one hand, the covid pandemic was hitting hard and on the other hand lockdown was taking away every earning opportunity, and top of all this Yash Cyclone had taken away the roof over people's head. To stand by the spirit and good initiative of Shankalpa, the producer of Jatugriho, Raktim Chatterjee, has stepped up and supported them. He has helped and financed support for several people by distributing rations and necessary items. Popular couple, Ankush and Oindrilla, have stepped into the picture as well. On the 4th, the joined in to help in the process of packaging. On the 5th, members of Sankalpa travelled to Gosabar, Sundarban. Almost 1500 families were served with rice, potatoes, puffed rice, biscuits, drinking water, oil, spices and other necessary food items. Along with all these, almost 200 people were given clothes. 

In this July, *Sankalpa* is organising the blood donation camp. At these dire situations, requirement of blood is creating crisis all over. People like Raktim Chatterjee helps these organisations to carry out their work with sufficient help and support.

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