Beat the scorching summer heat with ITC Fiama’s new range ‘Fiama Cool’

Kolkata: ITC Fiama has launched its new range ‘Fiama Cool’. Fiama Cool is an innovative bath gel and bar variant that brings down the body temperature by three degrees instantly.

Formulated with a combination of Magnolia and Menthol, the range is meant to cool, energize, restore and refresh your skin while helping you stay cool in the sweltering summer heat. The product is suited for both men and women with an active lifestyle.

Fiama Cool Gel Bathing Bar is priced at Rs.67 for 125g and Rs.160 for 125gx3 pack. Fiama Cool Shower Gel is priced at Rs.225 for 250ml pack. The products are available on Nykaa and select retail stores across the country.

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