Crompton’s latest Optimus 65 IoT Desert Coolers provides “Jaldi cooling” with a touch of smartness this summer

 As the summer temperatures rise, air coolers have become a must-have for a faster and perfect cooling that provides the ultimate comfortable experience at home. Bringing with it a 75-year experience, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. adds another innovation to its smart ecosystem along with its smart bulbs and smart fans. Showcasing its expertise of trust & durability, the company unveils its latest range of IoT-enabled coolers in the Optimus Series. The Optimus 65 IoT Desert Coolers provides best in class cooling with an array of smart features that offers comfort & convenience anywhere and anytime, meeting the growing needs of consumers to build smart homes.


Indian summers have kicked in where many parts of the country have already started experiencing an intensity of heat even more than before. As we embrace the new normal where most of us are spending more time indoors, the need for an instant relief from the sweltering heat becomes important. Coolers, therefore, have the upper hand of providing the best cooling comfort anytime and being portable enough to cool every corner of the house anywhere especially in the hot and dry regions of the country. As consumers look for more technology-driven superior products, coolers now comprising with IoT operations enables them to work and perform their daily chores conveniently and comfortably without any hassles.


The Optimus desert coolers were launched in 2020 - with its ultra-wide 18” fans that give the highest air delivery and usage of high - density honeycomb that helps to give superior cooling. The combined effect of both these, thereby, helps to provide Jaldi Cooling even on the hottest day. With an aim to enhance the overall consumer experience, Crompton has launched its new range of cutting-edge Desert Air Coolers called Optimus 65 IoT which can be controlled using any Android or iOS smart phone and also using voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Having upgraded it with its Pure Shield technology powered by PM2.5 filter, Antibac knobs and panels as well as smart IoT operations, this will ensure instant cooling even on the hottest day, guaranteed with minimum maintenance, smarter living and a healthier and safer environment.


Crompton’s Optimus 65 IoT Desert Air Coolers are designed to deliver the best-in-class instant cooling even on the hottest day with the following features:

·         Instant Enhanced Cooling: Ensures air delivery with its blade having diameter 457.2 mm (i.e. 18”) at 5500 m3/hr, with added high density honeycomb cooling pads and provides humidity control. Additionally, powered with an Ever last Pump making it less prone to jamming even with High TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level of water

·         Minimal & Easy Maintenance: Equipped with an easy-to-clean large ice chamber that includes an auto-fill, auto-drain feature to manage water with utmost ease. Designed with sheer detail of mosquito nets that prevent dusts / insects entering

·         Digital-First Approach: Wi-Fi-enabled remote access with Smart IoT options that can be controlled via the smartphone application – ‘My Crompton’. It also offers multiple modes like Low Humidity control; Pump-off; ‘Eco mode’ that saves water & energy as well as providing moderate cooling and ‘Pre-soak mode’ that helps to keep the cooling pads soaked even before actual use of the Air cooler. This makes the Cooling Pad uniformly wet to provide Instant Cooling as soon as you switch on the Fan Speed, thereby enabling better cooling.

·         Control via Voice Assistants: The coolers can be controlled using Amazon Alexa & Google Home where one can easily command “Alexa! Set Air cooler speed to High” or “OK Google! Switch on the Air Cooler!” completely hassle-free and easy

·         Healthier Environment: It has a Pure Shield Protection powered by the PM2.5 filter and Anti-bac Control panels powered by the N9 Silver Technology that ensures protection of bacteria on surface, thereby promoting a healthy and hygienic environment

·         IoT-enabled Smart features: a) Timer - Set timer to either turn on or off an Air cooler any time between 1 to 7 hours. b) Schedule – Set the automatic turn on or off of an Air cooler for any time of the day in the week. One can set multiple schedules in a week or even in a single day. c) Control anything anytime – Now you are not required to touch the buttons at all. Either use the mobile app or just your voice to control any settings of an Air Cooler. You can change the mode, speed up or down the fan, turn on or off the swing and practically every settings seating on your couch.

·         Warranty: 1-year Domestic Warranty of Electrical components


The Optimus 65 IoT Desert Coolers is priced at Rs. 21,500 and comes with classy black and white colors.


Speaking about the latest innovation, Mr. Sachin Phartiyal, Vice President, Appliance Business - Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. said, “Comfort with ‘Smart’ functionality is the overarching theme that the consumer seeks followed by relief from the heat in the summer season. As consumers have now adjusted to the new normal, we strive to focus on solutions that can make their lives better – from instant cooling, smarter tools, safer/hygienic operations to minimum maintenance. Crompton has always tried to break barriers with advanced technology and front-line innovations for decades and we hope our latest launch also continues to provide the same high results as with our other products for a more comfortable and convenient consumer experience at home.”

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