CareNow Healthcare has launched application 'Careplix Vitals' for determines Heart rate

In the current scenario, where Covid is claiming lives, early precautions might save some lives, if not all. Keeping this in mind, CareNow Healthcare has launched their application 'Careplix Vitals' which determines Heart rate, Oxygen Saturation and Respiration rate directly from a patient's smartphone,

 without the need of any wearables or devices. Along with artificial intelligence, the application uses the photoplethysmography (PPG) technique to determine volumetric change in peripheral blood circulation. The application is 98% accurate as per clinical certification, after clinical trial at IPGMER, Kolkata on over 1200+ patients for 2 months. The application usually charges a subscription fee from the users,

however keeping the Covid scenario in mind, they have extended their user trial for free.  In the future, the application plans on developing features such as detailed reporting of the vitals and PPG graph ( an alternative to ECG/EKG graph ). And an on-demand consultation with their in-house physicians. For more information one can visit their website : and download the application.

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