Shreya Gautam launched her new jewelry brand Arth


 Shreya Gautam, a mommy preneur and an ex-cabin crew, announced the release of her new brand of jewellery which goes by the name of Arth. According to Shreya, everyone carries a  unique meaning and purpose and through her brand of exquisite, made in India, jewellery she intends to help individuals flaunt that meaning with grace and style.

 The highlight of her brand is that it is registered under the PMEGP, Ministry of MSME, Govt of India and is amongst the very few brands that are allowed to showcase their products at the prestigious KVIC exhibitions and stores nationwide and even globally. 

 We are all accustomed to digitalisation and modernisation yet one must never forget their roots, says Shreya. It is through ARTH that she strives to bring about a beautiful amalgamation of the legacy of Khadi stores and her exquisite, and unique modern designs. 

 In Shreya’s opinion, the world is trying to ape the west and almost everyone is very happy about that yet, given today’s times, one must go local as much as they can. It is through helping one another can we really thrive. Through ARTH she wants to promote work in India, make in India and be vocal for local. She strongly believes that our nation is full of talented people and technicians and it is their hard work and knowledge that needs to be given a platform too. Through ARTH, her aim is open pathways of opportunities for everyone. 

 The range of products are hand made, exclusively designed and can be easily customised to provide you with a bespoke experience. ARTH was inaugurated in the presence of Patiala Babes fame Sandhya Shungloo and she was all praises for the designs and colors of the jewellery. 

 As a brand owner, a mom and someone who loves to shop, Shreya realizes that everyone is unique and styling and design are extremely important. Hence, she and her team constantly strive to provide quality services and products with the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

 The products are  currently available at the Khadi Store, Fort, Mumbai and can also be shopped for online on their website - They also have cufflinks available for Men, because style and statement belong to both men and women

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