Hard Rock Cafe is a global rage, and its association with rock ‘n’ roll is a marriage made in heaven. It's not only the delectable food that includes the classic American burgers and other dishes, but Hard Rock Cafe has a large following among sophisticated patrons for its musical heritage too. Its ode to rock music is reflected in its remarkable collection of musical memorabilia as well as in its merchandise that has been a smash hit among the youth.

But it’s not just the young people! Hard Rock’s classic logo tee became such a vogue that it prompted the commencement of the cafe’s very first Rock Shop. The increase in demand for the tees necessitated the formation of a retail outlet that gradually spread its commercial wings to include the sale of merchandise like limited editions pins, hoodies, luggage, hats, activewear, jewellery, accessories, and glassware among many other things. Such appealing products formed a market of its own, and Hard Rock Cafe’s merchandising turned out to be a rewarding venture. It was a matter of time that the music-loving inhabitants of this city would go gaga over these commodities. The Rock Shop is conspicuously nestled near the entrance of the Kolkata outlet of Hard Rock Cafe. And people are lapping up the chic printed tees and modish hoodies and accessories.

Actors Tnusree Chakraborty and Anindya Chatterjee dropped in at the Rock Shop to check the goodies and were understandably impressed. “I love the wide-ranging products available here, and I am taking some nice hats and jewellery with me,” said Tnusree, who donned a stylish printed tee with the Hard Rock Cafe logo on it. According to Anindya, “The products are eye-catching and voguish. I love the collection of hoodies and different kinds of accessories. I look forward to buying my stuff from here only.”

To make matters more enticing, HRC Kolkata is offering lucrative discounts of varied nature. One offer is the beer bucket offer. You get a hefty discount of approximately 1000 INR if you purchase any one tee along with a beer bucket. You can see the details below.

Beer Bucket Offers:

 Budweiser Bucket + Any one T-shirt @ 2799 INR

 Carlsberg Bucket + Any one T-shirt @ 2699 INR

 Kingfisher Bucket + Any one T-shirt @ 2499 INR

 Tuborg Bucket + Any one T-shirt @ 2299 INR

Super Friday Sale

Another type of offer is a conventional Super Friday Sale that allows 30% off on all Tees and 50% off on Sunburst Hoodies, Ladies Vinyl Logo, and Snakeskin Ladies tee.

“Our merchandise is already in high demand, and we believe that these generous discounted offers will

attract more customers. People are sporting our tees, hoodies, accessories everywhere I go, and it

shows how intimate a connection HLC has with its patrons,” said a gratified Vanita Bajoria, Director

Hard Rock Café, Kolkata.


57-A, Park Street, Park Mansion, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700016, In.

Cost for two: Rs. ₹2,500 (approx.) with alcohol + taxes

We’re open: Monday- Sunday

Timing: 12:00 Noon – 12:00 Midnight

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