Kolkata to witness first of its kind CNG Cyclo Vaganza 2021

 CNG Cyclo Vaganza 2021 will be held on 23rd and 24th of January 2021 at Eco Park in New Town, Kolkata. It is a first of its kind event to be held in Eastern India. It is an initiative of Cycle Network Grow Foundation (CNG), the largest cycling community of Eastern India. The event is organized by Cycle Network Grow and West Bengal Cyclists Association and it is supported by HIDCO and FIT India Movement. The event aims to bring all the cyclists on a common platform, irrespective of their gender, age or city. Around 200 cyclists will be participating in the tournament.

Mr. Abhijit Sett, General Secretary, West Bengal Cyclists’ Association, said, “Cycling in Bengal had a creditable performances with cyclists representing the country in the World Olympic Games at Helsinki in 1952. Later many good international cyclists of repute were a product of this State which had lost the glory due to lack of administration of the association. After I came in charge my first vision was to uplift the list glory of cycling in the state as well as Kolkata. We had been coming up with a lot of races on and from October with the Fit India Movement. We have already prepared a calendar for racing till the mid of the year and progressing with it. We will be arranging a lot of races this year too with the support of Cycling Federation of India as per the calendar.”

Mr. Pankaj Patel, Member, Technical Committee, Cyclo Vaganza 2021, said, “This event gives an opportunity to all type of riders, whether Juniors or Elite or Masters to prove their mettle. In fact we have an exclusive race for Ladies. Our Aim is to make Kolkata a hub of cycling in Eastern India and to provide a perfect platform to young people so that they are attracted towards cycling which is so good for our environment and equally good for health and fitness. We aim to make this an Annual affair and to have similar events throughout the year to benefit young riders and instill the cycling culture in them.”

It is a team-based cycling event. There are 6 Race Formats with 11 Teams. Each team has 8 Riders and will consist: 2 Ladies, 2 Juniors, 2 Elites and 2 Masters. The teams will compete against each other in 6 cycling events during the 2day competition, divided into 2 categories - Road Bikes and MTB. There are 2 races for open category also for the general public.


Each team has a mentor who is responsible for selection of the team in consultation with the captain. The mentor is also responsible for grooming the players, held practice sessions, selecting the players for each sub-event and to communicate with the organizers. The Captain is the Rider who is allotted to each team mentor by lottery system. Captains were selected by the organisers from the pool of riders available.

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