J D Birla Institute organized a two-day online Management Development Programme (MDP) on AI Enabled Business


 The modern field of artificial intelligence dates back to 1956 and today AI is a household name. AI is changing the future of almost every industry and economic sector. It is acting as the main driver of emerging knowledge areas like big data, robotics and Internet of Things (IOT) and will continue to act as a technological innovator and a digital disruptor in the foreseeable future. Most of us interact with artificial intelligence in some form or another on a daily basis. As AI technologies proliferate, they will become imperative for businesses that want to maintain a competitive edge. Artificial intelligence can provide amalgamated solutions to most complex problems and present them to the human user. AI will soon reinstate business domains from all angles thereby making decision-making and other important business functions seamless and near to perfection and intelligent software support are being increasingly used to efficiently service all stakeholders of the business environment, including entrepreneurs, customers, employees and the community. 

Education is omnipresent in all spheres of our lives and is constantly evolving. It should be nurtured as a culture in all organizations including the commercials ones. Employees must be encouraged to keep learning and thinking out of the box. Only this can lead to innovations and will prove to be the best way to sustain and keep up with the changing times. Leading this by example are some of the most successful companies in the world like Google, Microsoft, Apple amongst others.


JDBI have also kept in tune with this trend and have been organizing MDPs to keep abreast with the changes around the world. J D Birla Institute (affiliated to Jadavpur University) organized a two-day online Management Development Programme (MDP) on 11th & 12th December 2020. The programme, hosted by JDBI’s Department of Management, was designed to benefit middle and top level corporate members through interaction with practicing experts from the field. There were around thirty six participants representing various corporate, including ADERA Global Group (Singapore), L&T, Adani Power Maharashtra Ltd., Birla Corporation Ltd., Patton International Ltd., Keventer Agro Ltd., Peerless Financial Services Ltd., SIDBI, Belle Vue Clinic, Priyamvada Birla Institute of Nursing, Symphony Ltd. The resource persons included digital entrepreneurs and AI practitioners from organizations like IBM Research Labs, Bangalore and Cognizant Technology Solutions, India. As per the feedback received from the participants, the MDP was highly successful in providing a rich glimpse into the prospects and challenges of AI enabled business.

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