Beat the winter chills with Crompton’s Rapid Jet Plus Instant Water Heaters for the ‘Perfect Hot Water’

   Health and hygiene has now taken priority in every step of our life. As the winter season approaches, the hunt for a water heater that delivers the perfect temperature of water has become the need of the hour. With modern technologies, diverse product features and a legacy of trust and quality-performance for over 75 years, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd., India’s go-to-brand of innovation, high performance, reliability and quality has launched the Rapid Jet Plus Instant Water Heaters – a range with superior heating performance that offer hassle-free installation, safety and aesthetic design to create the ‘Perfect Hot Water’ for you.

Hot water has become exceedingly important today as it is used now more than ever to not only rejuvenate but also keep you healthy overall. With multiple baths taken in a day by families to protect them from germs for an overall wellbeing, running hot water is a must especially in Indian households where bucket baths are a routine. Moreover, in these unprecedented times, hot water has also become an elixir that goes beyond having a bath to also washing utensils and clothes for overall hygiene. With the rising trend of installing water heaters in the kitchen or dining room, one does not want to run out of the convenience of having hot water at any time. Crompton’s Rapid Jet Plus Instant Water Heaters is, therefore, a one stop solution in delivering the perfect hot water instantly. A range of enhanced style with elegant and sleek designs, these water heaters are also built aesthetically to suit even the most stylish bathroom decor. In addition, as installation from trusted sources also becomes a key need, Crompton offers you a hassle-free installation post purchase with an ISI marked for added safety. 


Baths in the cold winter months are no longer a concern as Crompton’s Rapid Jet Plus makes faster heating a priority. It also reduces your waiting time for hot water when you have to step out early in the morning when the mere thought of taking a shower gives you the chills or even for once you get home from out. Given below are some of the additional features of the product:

-       Powerful Heating Element for fast water heating of up to 45°C in 10 minutes and retains heat for longer period of time

-       Advanced 4-level safety that prevents the water heater from overheating which may lead to mis-happenings and in rare cases, even a burst, thus providing safety to the water heaters

-       Rust & Shock Proof Body

-       Capable of sustaining high pressure i.e. up to 8 bar pressure which makes it suitable for high rise buildings as well

-       High grade Smart Shield tank to protect from corrosion as well as a weldless tank for corrosion free long life

-       The range is available in capacities of 1L & 3L. Each capacity comes with a power combination of 1L = 3 KW/ 4.5 KW and 3L = 3 KW /4.5 KW respectively


This new range comes with a 2-year warranty for its product while it has a 5-year warranty for its tank. Inspired by the latest designs with LED indicators, this stylish and state-of-the-art instant water heaters from Crompton also includes free installation and free pipes thereby, bringing comfort and convenience to your doorstep.


Speaking about its latest innovation, MrSachin Phartiyal, Vice President, Appliance Business - Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. further adds, “Consumers are constantly keeping hygiene and health in check in any activity they do today whether it is building up immunity or staying clean. They are also becoming more cautious in choosing the right products that ensure high efficiency and value for money while also keeping in mind an unspoken yet crucial need of wanting to experience a hassle-free installation process. Water heaters are an essential appliance in every home as it provides the quick hot water that everyone craves especially as we enter the chilly days. Crompton understands the convenience of water heaters and its numerous benefits of hot water which is the need of the hour for every household. Hence, combining innovation with consumer need, we hope our latest range makes their lives more comfortable and a little perfect.”


It is available across markets in India as well as ecommerce.


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