Now learn Maths and Science on BYJU’S in Bengali

  BYJU’S, the world’s most valuable EdTech company and creator of the largest personalized K-12 app in India has now introduced its learning programs in Bengali. The introduction of learning programs in Bengali, currently available for students in classes 4-10, reiterates the company’s focus on helping students learn Maths and Science effectively and making learning seamless for those students in West Bengal who prefer to learn in their native language. BYJU’S already has 64 million registered users on its platform and hopes to impact many more students in deeper parts of the state with the introduction of the app in Bengali. This will boost and empower many more students to benefit from online learning. The company plans to launch learning programs in other popular regional languages in the coming months.

Commenting on this, Mrinal Mohit, Chief Operating Officer, BYJU’S, said, “The introduction of our learning programs in Bengali aligns with our goal to help students learn Maths and Science efficiently in their own native languages. The ongoing pandemic has led to a surge in the awareness about online learning, with parents, teachers and students experiencing its benefits first-hand. In fact, one of our recent surveys revealed that 72% of the parents in West Bengal want their kids to continue learning online even after schools reopen. The introduction of learning programs in Bengali will help so many more students in different parts of West Bengal learn from the best teachers in the country and create a level playing field irrespective of geography or language.”
Owing to the disruption caused by COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown, schools, colleges and other educational institutions were shut down and students moved to online learning, many for the very first time. BYJU’S surveyed 5000 parents across India, having at least one child studying in K-12 in, to better understand the behavior towards the adoption of online learning. As per its findings, 70% of surveyed parents said that their kids used online learning for the first time during the lockdown. Yet 75% of parents said that they would want their kids to continue learning through online platforms even after the schools reopen. Interestingly, an analysis of responses given by parents in West Bengal alone reveals that the mindset shift in favour of online learning is strong in the state. With online learning already widely embraced in the State, 72% parents in West Bengal wish to have their kids continue learning online after the lockdown. 60% of parents felt that online learning has proved beneficial for their kids in this period while 59% parents would recommend other parents to try online learning for their kids.
Similar to their counterparts from other Indian cities (National average of 58%), the safety of their children during the lockdown emerges as the primary trigger for 61% of surveyed parents from West Bengal behind online learning adoption as it rules out the need to leave home to learn. As per feedback received from parents, being able to access classes from the best teachers, the safety of learning from home and the enhanced intuitive screen interactivity makes online learning an attractive and viable option.
In addition to school classes, a majority of surveyed parents (69%) opine that after-school personalized tuitions are a necessary element in their child’s learning journey. However, a whopping 87% of them do not want their children to go to a physical tutoring class soon, rather would prefer online learning. The survey further revealed that 70% of parents feel that they will sign up for a personalized online tutoring experience to compensate for the lack of in-person tuition. 
“We, at BYJU’S, feel that the future of learning is blended which will combine  the best of both worlds – online and offline learning – together. With personalized learning solutions designed around the students, we have an integral role to play by offering tech-enabled learning that is world-class, self-paced, and highly engaging. We are truly grateful for the support and love that we continue to receive from parents and students across West Bengal,” Mrinal added.
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