Swaraj Agarwal is a 17-year-old student in class 12 at La Martiniere for Boys, Kolkata. Determined to help people protect themselves against cancer and to boost their immunity during the COVID-19 pandemic, he started Micro Treasures in Kolkata, a social enterprise which aims to create awareness about microgreens by supplying microgreens all over India. Microgreens are tiny edible greens and have 40 times the nutrition than actual vegetables. Microgreens are also effective in curing and preventing cancer as they contain anti-cancer properties. Swaraj is passionate about public health, sociology, and sustainable technology, and Micro Treasures is the product of his passion.

He started Micro Treasures to spread awareness about microgreens and to help his community. They supply microgreens, seeds, trays, soil, and recently vitamins and supplements all over India - all the profits are donated to those in need. Micro Treasures is actively looking for partnerships from other NGOs, hospitals, distributors, CSR foundations and schools for prospective collaborations, to reach out to a maximum number of people, and to amplify the impact together. Swaraj wants everyone to consume Microgreens as it prevents cancer. He believes in the statement that prevention is better than cure which is indeed true. 

Swaraj sells microgreens through his website and app, which is available on iOS, designed by him. Swaraj also conducted an independent research study in which he proves that microgreens are effective in boosting immunity and also prevents cancer cells from growing. This research paper has been published in the the International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (IJTSRD). He has also published a book called ‘My Endeavors with Microgreens’ where he talks about the different types of microgreens, their benefits, and how to grow them. He has also interviewed renowned nutritionists and patients and included these interviews in his book. His book is available for sale online. People are not able to afford organic produce and moreover the treatment cost of cancer is so high, which is why Swaraj has kept the price of these seeds at a minimal rate. He wants to ensure that everyone has a healthy life.

Apart from this, Swaraj conducts workshops and webinars free of cost for people and underprivileged children where he teaches them how to grow microgreens. He has received a tremendous response. Recently, Swaraj collaborated with Canfem, a social organization in New Delhi,  to conduct webinars about microgreens and its benefits. He also went ahead and taught the people how to grow them virtually. Swaraj spoke along with doctors from Narayana Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi and the webinar was viewed by over 1500 people. They felt blessed to be introduced to microgreens.

He also believes that immunity is the most important resource one can possess and microgreens help you to build just that. Microgreens are tiny, edible greens that are grown from the seeds of vegetables and herbs. Although they are only a few inches tall, they pack almost forty times the nutritional value of mature plants!

Swaraj, with the donations he receives, does microgreens distribution drives for people living in the streets of Kolkata. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, these people live in the streets without any source of protection and are directly exposed to the virus. Swaraj donates microgreens, along with rice and pulses, to them which helps them build immunity and fight these pesky viruses away. In the lockdown, Swaraj conducted 4 microgreens distribution drives where he distributed microgreens, pulses and rice to over 500 families. They all were happy to receive help and consumed microgreens to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

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