‘Wait Time’ and ‘line-ups’ to now become history

  Be it the fear of Covid-19 contradiction or saving our precious time, Boolean Array Canada, a Canada-based company, brings to India an amazing application or app Q Waits, which will allow youthe flexibility to queue up from anywhere. ‘Q Waits’ can be downloaded free from IOS or Android phones.

This virtual reservation of queue through an app is one of the new concepts which is being introduced for the first time in Eastern India which will digitally reserve one’s place and inform the consumer well in advance before one’s turn comes. This will ensure that one avoids the queue and at the same time is punctual.

QWaits has two apps. One is for Business purpose and the other is for the end users or customers. QWaits (client app) allows end users to use the app and check-in to multiple businesses using only one solution. It automatically shows the business using nearby technology based on user's current location to allow check-in.

Be it at the hospital or doctor’s chamber, where one has to wait for a while before getting called, or at the retail stores, pharmacies, restaurants, fitness centres or even educational institutes, one can virtually reserve his or her line in advance. “If customers are waiting outside a restaurant, store or business for more than 13 minutes, they are probably gone,” said Dipanjan Biswas, President, Boolean Array, Canada.“With the use of this App, we can stop the customer from leaving,” he added.

Dipanjan officially launched 'Q Waits’ in Eastern India from Mississauga, Canada on Wednesday afternoonthrough an online Press Meet while addressing the journalists from Kolkata.

Virtual queues provide benefits for both customers waiting in line, and businesses offering the virtual waiting experience. Time has always been considered equivalent to money. For customers, a virtual queue provides better service, a more enjoyable waiting experience, and gives them back their time.In a fast-paced and tech-bound world, people hardly have any time to wait.
After this pandemic situation, most people have stopped stepping out of their homes only to maintain social distancing. This app will also ensure that the public platforms function normally and are also free of crowd.
“The app uses sophisticated AI algorithms to report approximate wait times to end-users even before they decide to check-in, reducing customer walk-a-ways by upto 85 per cent. When customers realize this, they'll be more inclined to buy again from a business that respects their time,” added Dipanjan.

“For the QWaits Business App, we have decided that there will be a free plan, that will allow 100 check-ins per month at no charge. Further, if they wish to, they may tie up with us. A South-Indian restaurant based in Canada, Dakshin has already tied up with us,” said Dipanjan.

All businesses can start using the free version of the Q Waits Business app for queue management.Customers too can check-in to any business with the Q Waits App. It automatically detects nearby businesses that allow check-ins and supports SMS-based check-ins. The Q Waits app that end users will use to check-in is free to download.
“Businesses that use our app can also save up to 50 percent on equipment costs. There's no need to maintain expensive hardware or ticketing systems since everything is done over the cloud on a smartphone or tablet," said Dipanjan.The free version has all the essential features of the paid version except with limitations.

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