Disney Channel is all set to treat its young viewers and families with an all new DIY show ‘Imagine That’, starting September 6th 2020. Helmed by every child’s favourite art mentor and friend Rob, the show brings imagination alive through DIY with upcycling as the key theme. One of the pioneering faces of DIY art, Rob promises to take the Imagine That experience to a whole new level for young fans and their families

The show will focus on a child’s natural creative palette through experiential initiatives, all centred around repurposing. The show will see Rob engage with children as their mentor and friend who encourages their imaginative minds through fun and innovative DIY.  It aims at inspiring the young ones to create top quality art out of materials that are usually discarded at home. Be it robots from bottle caps, monsters from egg shells, gorillas from kitchen cutlery, fish out of cables and other home e-waste; ‘Imagine That’ will focus on upcycling everyday items and much more.

“A child’s mind is filled with curiosity and imagination and with Imagine That, we are encouraging kids to push the boundaries of their creativity. The show, will take DIY a step further by making innovative and fun artsy products out of simple and easily available day-to-day things. I personally believe that imagination and creativity together can make a change the world we live in and this show will help kids and their families have lots of fun with DIY while understanding the process of repurposing”, said Rob



Dive into a world of imagination with Disney Channel’s Imagine That every Sunday at 09:30 A.M. from 6th September 2020

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