Arohan graded a top-notch MFI 1, the fourth year in a row

  Kolkata, 10th August: Arohan Financial Services Limited has been awarded the highest rated MFI 1 grade from CARE Ratings’ CARE Advisory Research and Training Ltd, based on the grading assignment conducted in the month of June, 2020. The grading is assigned on an 8-point scale with “MFI 1” being the highest. Arohan is the foremost NBFC-MFI in the East and North-east to be rated with the top-notch MFI1 and it has continued to retain its position among the elite league of MFIs in India for the fourth year in a row.

The grade reflects the organisation’s highest level of competence to undertake microfinance activity in a transparent manner, with a sustainable and diversified outreach.


The grading is assigned on the TOSS framework of Transparency, Operational Setup, Scale of Operations and Sustainability where Arohan has scored the highest in all parameters.

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