Is your skin ready to lead the new normal life?

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Commenting on the campaign Mr. 

Mr. Ashish Ohlyan’s, Head of Marketing, Cholayil Pvt. Ltd. 

“This pandemic has definitely heightened the awareness and benefits of Ayurveda. There is nothing better than natural remedies to help prepare your body and mind to stay healthy, active and fit. Quite literally, the same logic applies to your skin as well, a part of your body that is often overlooked. The 4 months of lockdown meant minimum exposure to sunlight and pollution for our skin. But as the world around us slowly gets back out in the new normal, we will need to prepare our body and skin for everything life throws at us. Our latest campaign steps in at the right moment and conveys the message of being ‘Skinfit with Fast acting Ayurveda’ and encourages everyone to embrace the new changes with confidence and a good amount of preparedness.” – 

Credit list:



Sachin Kamble (NCD)

Prajato Guha (NCD)

Archit Gadiyar (AECD)

Shivani Gairola (Sr. Copywriter)

Vinit Sanghvi (Sr. CD)

Sayan Sengupta (ACD)

Ashwini Kerkar (Art Director)

Suyashi Mathur (Copywriter)


Account Management

Ashima Mehra (Sr. VP)

Govind Agarwal (AVP)

Pradeep Mistry (Brand director)



Shibani Mitra (Brand Strategy partner)

Vishana Devnani (Brand director)


Director : 

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