Asha Audio Company Launched ‘Jhor Jani Theme Jabe

Kolkata The song, ‘Jhor Jani Theme Jabe’ is all about the hope to get back to our normal life like before where we can meet our near and dear ones in a bright sunny morning without any worry. The song provides tremendous inspiration that normalcy will be back and we should look forward for it irrespective of the several trails we are undergoing now.

“We all are passing through a tough time all mentally and financially. The artists are also suffering due to the restrictions of mass social gathering for the threat of Covid 19 pandemic situation and also as prohibited by respected Governmental authorities. Gracefully the handful who are fortunate enough to be hail and hearty, has this as a relief gift in such hard times. We shall overcome though Daily life is tough to pass. The whole video has been shot in camera that is becoming the trend gradually. The amalgation of talented people worked hard to create the complete work. We are hopeful that our audience will love the work,” said Apeksha Lahiri.
The song is written by Arindam Saha, edited by Hiranmoy Biswas, programming done by Somen Kutty Sarkar, flute played by Sushanta Nandy, backing vocals by Swagata Nag, guitars and voice recording by Joy Sarkar, mixed & mastered by Goutam Basu and graphics by Tamal Duray.



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