Regular and diligent use of masks can go a long way in preventing the spread of COVID

Kolkata : The Covid-19 global pandemic has put an immense strain on the already overburdened educational systems across the country. Students of J D Birla Institute, Department of Textile Science, Clothing & Fashion Studies recently designed innovative masks with additional features as a part of their assignment. In view of today’s scenario the students were given assignment which helps them to promote and develop their skills through making of face mask during the current pandemic.

Some significant measures while preparing a mask is to use most suitable Fiber like Cotton and Rayon as they are Soft to touch, absorbent and breathable, limited allergic reactions, do not retain odour, easy to wash and dry at high temperatures, not wrinkle with use or shrink on washing, no damage by detergent or bleach, etc.
Use of a mask alone is insufficient to provide an adequate level of protection. Other measures like washing hands and social distancing also should be adopted.
Some effective measures while using a mask
·         Place the mask carefully, ensuring it covers the mouth and nose, and tie it securely to minimize any gaps between the face and the mask.
·         Avoid touching the mask while wearing or removing it. While removing, untie the Mask from behind.
·         After removal of a used mask, clean hands using an alcohol- based hand rub or soap.
·         Replace mask as soon as they become damp with a new clean, dry mask. An inner removal layer of tissue may help.
·         Many essential oils and natural colorants have antibacterial properties; hence soaking the mask occasionally in essential oils like eucalyptus, neem may be useful for disinfection.
·         Discard single-use masks after each use and dispose of them immediately upon removal.

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