Medica Superspecialty Hospital successfully treats and discharges COVID patient on ECMO

Kolkata : Patient Abhishek Ray, 54 years, was admitted at Medica Superspecialty Hospital with history of fever for a week on 25/5/2020. He was found COVID 19 RT PCR positive subsequently. Post admission, his oxygenation status deteriorated and he was put on ventilator on 27/5/2020. Despite putting him on ventilation with 100% oxygen, his oxygen level continued to decline to 44% with rising carbon dioxide.

Veno venous ECMO was instituted on the night of 28th as a rescue mechanism for improving the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in his blood. Haemodialysis was also started as renal replacement therapy. Patient also developed COVID encephalopathy.
Tracheostomy was done on Abhishek on 3/6/2020. On gradual improvement of his lung function, ECMO was weaned off on 8/6/2020 after 12 long days of ECMO run. Ventilation was continued till his pulmonary function improved significantly. Tracheostomy was decannulated on 23/6/2020.
Abhishek’s family was put on quarantine after he is detected with Corona and for 14 days, family was updated about the patient’s status via video call between family and team of doctors. Abhishek comes from n area close to Ballygunge and runs a business on milk delivery. He had no clue how may have got infected. Luckily his family comprising his aged mother, his wife, son & daughter in law were not affected.
Abhishek is being discharged today i.e 25/6/2020 after a month’s stay at Medica.  His kidney function has improved and he is happy to go home and had a healthy life. We are indebted to his family for necessary support all throughout his hospital stay.
Dr. Kunal Sarkar, Senior Vice Chairman, Medica Superspecialty Hospital, has said, “ECMO support in severe COVID pneumonia has proved its definite role in Europe and North America in more than thousand cases where all the ventilatory measures fail. In Eastern India ECMO Team of Medica is providing this novel support in severe COVID patients. Abhishek’s recovery from COVID 19 with ECMO support will definitely show an enlightening way forward in severe COVID management.”
Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Alok Roy, Chairman, Medica Group of Hospitals said, “ the times are difficult for each one of us, and in the midst of such surroundings, when we see that critical COVID patients are getting cured and going home, it gives us immense hope that this phase too shall pass.”

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