Khushee’s “Amar Bangla AbarSobujHok” initiative to plant one-lac saplings in Bengal

Kolkata: Khushee, a Kolkata-based non-profit voluntary movement, flagged off its community outreach initiative - “Amar Bangla AbarSobujHok” (Greening my Bengal again)- to plant one lac saplings here today to observe the Environment Day. The tree-planting project, which started with five locations in city and adjoining districts, would reach out to volunteers, social workers, school 

students, teachers, parents, eminent citizens and community groups over the next six months across West Bengal. More than a thousand saplings and trees were distributed today and the aim is to plant at least one lac saplings. Tree saplings were planted in multiple-locations across the state in Kolkata, Shantiniketan, Sonarpur and other places by Khushee - A Helping Hand. “The greening of West Bengal has assumed top priority as cyclone Amphan has ravaged vast swathes of lush green tracts uprooting trees in thousands across West Bengal and Odisha. This loss of green on a colossal scale will have an adverse impact on pollution, environment and breathable air,” said Mr Amitava Samanta, founder of Khushee. “Today the initiative was rolled out from Kolkata and adjoining districts. This is a small step towards healing the mother nature. We are trying to involve the young children in the project and also enthuse them to adopt environmental awareness. Planting a sapling is the first step but there is also the responsibility to nurture and help these saplings grow. We shall reach out to people irrespective of their caste, creed and stature, and from different walks of life, to join Amar Bangla AbarSobujHok project,” Mr Samanta said. Khushee has been actively involved for the last two months in servicing nearly 5000 distressed and helpless families with cooked meals and grocery kits. Alongside “Khushee- a Helping Hand.

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