Celebrate this beautiful nation with the Zippo India collection

Kolkata : Zippo is a brand known for its rich history and iconic products. Its legacy as a distinct and legendary symbol of America comes with years of service and product development. The brand has since then evolved over the years to become a global symbol. The marquee Zippo windproof lighter range is synonymous to great product quality and comes in a wide array of designs.
The latest offerings by the brand consist of a range of truly Indian lighters. The lighters combine American ingenuity with Indian beauty through their immaculate designing and quality build. Be it the tricolor peacock or the dark silhouette of a cricketer, the lighters would make for the perfect gift for anybody who appreciates quality craftsmanship. These lighters are completely windproof and make the classic ‘click’ sounds when opened, that is truly music to the ears.
Choose from an array of new designs available on the Zippo India website http://www.zippo.in/.
Zippo: More than a lighter With over 80 years of history, Zippo has an influential and dedicated fan base. The brand has transcended its functional benefits to become a cultural icon and regularly features in films around the world. The unique designs, date stamping, affordability and rich history of the Zippo lighters make them a great item to collect, and the vast number of collectors and lovers of Zippo lighters continues to increase daily. In the United States alone it is estimated that there are around 4 million Zippo Windproof Lighter collectors and there are 11 official collectors’ clubs worldwide.

Zippo Windproof Lighters Model Price

Zippo Cricket Design
Lighter - White
SKU: 214.CN414749

INR 3,500

Zippo Peacock
Design Lighter –
Navy Blue
SKU: 239.CN414798

INR 3,900

Zippo Straight Outta
Mumbai Lighter -
SKU: 207.CN414771

INR 3,100

Zippo Straight Outta
Delhi Lighter -
SKU: 207.CN414773

INR 3,100

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