Airtel augments high speed network capacity across Kolkata and West Bengal to step up customer experience

Kolkata : Bharti Airtel has augmented high speed network capacity by rolling out 1,500+ new 4G sites and small cells across Kolkata and West Bengal to step up customer experience.
“This will condense the network in urban areas and cover newer geographies in semi-urban and rural areas. Our network team has also upgraded over 7,000 sites with latest TDD technology for 4G on 2300 MHz and deployed Twin Beams and Massive MIMO across major business hubs and residential locations in the state, expanding network capacity over the same spectrum to deliver data speeds despite large number of concurrent users at the same location”, said Siddharth Sharma, CEO (West Bengal), Bharti Airtel.

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According to the cellular service provider, Airtel’s optic fiber footprint has also got a boost with the addition of 1,000 kms of fresh fiber rollout, taking the total footprint to 14,000 kms to enable high-speed data transmission.
“We are stepping up our network investments across West Bengal and we will also undertake wide scale deployments of cutting age technology in key business and residential hubs. This will truly add to the smartphone experience for Airtel customers.” Added Sharma.
The network rollout has translated to reaching 51,335 towns and villages across West Bengal.
Keeping consumer obsession at the core of its DNA, Airtel said that it has set itself a target of answering and resolving every single customer query, learn quickly from failures and ensure they don’t get repeated. And the company is taking this message to customers across India through a bold multi-channel marketing campaign. Shashwat Sharma, CMO, Bharti Airtel, said, “We know that ‘ZERO question’ is an impossible utopian thought especially for a telecom brand, but that won’t stop us from trying because we know that the closer we get to ZERO, the happier our customers will be.”

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