What is India keen to buy online? Here is what Flipkart has to say

Kolkata : The past 40 days have not been the easiest for people across the country, but it has given us an opportunity to stay connected in newer ways and reimagine our daily routines. For most people, staying indoors has led to paying more attention to self-care, finding ways to upgrade their means of communication, evolving their work routines, taking up new hobbies and even upgrading living spaces.

Here are some trend highlights witnessed by India’s homegrown e-commerce platform Flipkart, as it continues to bring products to consumers across India, through a safe delivery system.

Key Highlights As On May 4, showcasing growing consumer demand in Orange and Green zones across India:

  • Flipkart is seeing an increase in searches for consumer electronic products, including personal grooming equipment (such as trimmers). In the past fortnight, trimmers continue to be one of the top 10 most-searched products, with a 4.5X increase in searches since the beginning of April.
  • Consumers have been searching for shoes 1.8X times more than sarees, which can be attributed to people’s inclination towards leading a fitter and healthier lifestyle during this time
  • As people continue to stay logged in at home, whether for work or a work-out class, headsets witnessed a 200% increase in searches! This could also be a reflection of a growing trend in personal entertainment, where more people are seeking ways to create their own space in crowded households.
  • With temperatures soaring across the country, fans and air conditioners searches have more than doubled
  • While Mobiles have remained the most searched item, searches for the mid-premium segment witnessed the biggest surge within the category, which consists of a wide product offering.
  • As people continue to spend time indoors, cooking has become a necessity for most and the search for gas stoves has more than doubled

Sharing his views, Anil Goteti, Senior Vice President at Flipkart said, "At Flipkart, we continue to serve our customers by providing them products at their doorsteps through a safe and sanitized supply chain. This is carried out via robust SOPs which are in line with the guidelines shared by the Government and local authorities. With e-commerce being allowed for essential and non-essential products in Orange and Green zones in specific States, we are seeing an increase in searches for products in categories such as Laptops, Consumer Electronics (such as headphones), Mobiles, Air Conditioners, Coolers, t shirts, and other essentials. We are working with lakhs of sellers and MSMEs across India, and helping them prepare their businesses and workforce to make products available for consumers in this time of need. Our seller support team is providing constant online counsel and support to sellers on our platform."

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