Mother’s Recipe #TasteOfMothersLove campaign celebrates unconventional mothers

Kolkata : The whole world is going through a difficult time and while all of us are dealing with this global crisis in our best way possible, there are many COVID warriors like medical staff, doctors, police personnel, local authorities, delivery and service agents working round the clock. One such unsung heroes who have been working selflessly even before and after the lockdown are all our Mothers.

To honour motherhood, Mother’s Recipe recently launched a heart-warming social media campaign #TasteofMothersLove. The campaign is a tribute to all the mothers who are actually our superwomen, who have been through the rough patches, joys and most importantly been a pillar of support to those who are in desperate need for unconditional love.

Mother’s Recipe kick-started this unique mother’s day campaign way back in 2015 and in its 5th edition urges people to take a moment to appreciate mothers who spread love and happiness to children living in orphanages, who take care of us and those who have been a pillar of strength in their community. Mothers and mother figures who ensured a proper shelter and support in place during these challenging times have a special place in our hearts.

The campaign has been conceptualized and executed by Mother’s Recipe and Social Panga to celebrate unconventional Moms and their role in the lives of children and those stuck away from home during the quarantine. Additionally, this year the brand also launched a prayer as a part of the initiative, urging people to take a moment and pray for those who need the mother’s love the most, for their wellness, good health and security.

Talking about the initiative, Ms. Sanjana Desai, Executive Director, Mother’s Recipe - Desai Foods Pvt Ltd. said, “Mother’s day has become synonymous with our brand Mother’s Recipe. From the beginning of this campaign in 2015 our sole aim is to express our gratitude towards the unconditional love that mothers give and spread the love to the children who have been deprived of that feeling. Our Mother’s Day initiative finds resonance and synergies with the brand ethos which aims to spread the taste of mother’s love. With this online campaign, we want to highlight the dedication and selfless love of these unsung warriors like Mrs Sundari, Sabina Soloman and many other mothers like them. We are anticipating a greater response and participation from people across all generations. We urge more and more people to come forward to extend their wholehearted support towards this noble initiative.”

Adding about the campaign, Himanshu Arora, co-founder of Social Panga, added: “ Mother's Day has always been special for Mothers Recipe as a brand and has played a vital role in talking about the importance of sharing mother’s love with those who lack it. And we intended to maintain the same brand essence this year as well with our take on the campaign. Most often we forget to talk about unconventional mother figures in our lives who make a lot of difference. With this campaign, we really want people to take a moment and celebrate these women who have spent almost their whole lives sharing unconditional love to those in need. The idea is to share the #TasteOfMothersLove through stories that touch your heart. What’s also incredible is that no one stepped out to make this film :) ”

Campaign Credits:
      Brand Name: Mother’s Recipe 
      Campaign Name: #TasteOfMothersLove
      Campaign elements: Digital Video Content
      Creative agency: Social Panga
      Campaign Video Link(FB):
      Director: Neha Rana
      Producer: Shrestha Roy, Sunitha Natarajan 
      Cinematographer: Social Panga
      Art Director: Social Panga
      Music Director: Social Panga

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