Indus Towers contributes Rs 35 crore to PM-CARES Fund

National : Indus Towers has contributed Rs 35 Crore to the PM-Cares Fund, as a committed partner in supporting the country’s fight against COVID-19. Additionally, Indus Towers’ teams on the frontline are playing a crucial role in enabling essential services of keeping India and society at large seamlessly connected through the mobile towers. It is because of the efforts of the field force, the country has been able to maintain social distancing, while at the same time stayed connected with family, friends and colleagues. More importantly, businesses have been able to offer work from home option, and the role of connectivity has been a pivotal aspect of every organisation’s business continuity planning.

The field personnel of Indus Towers have equipped themselves with the necessary safety gear and
working round the clock, even in designated hotspot regions. They have ensured continuous functioning of the mobile tower, which is most critical when it comes to enabling seamless connectivity.
The employees of Indus Towers have also made a collection which is being utilised to distribute vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like masks, sanitizers, gloves, full body suits, sanitization kits, etc. to the medical professionals like doctors, nurses, para medical staff and to the police and administration who are at the front of this battle against the Corona Virus.
“We are humbled to contribute towards the PM-CARES Fund and laud the government’s efforts in
managing the current situation. In these extraordinary times I also want to acknowledge our field force who are committed in Putting India First by providing seamless connectivity to the society. Besides this, there has been a whole-hearted effort from employees to donate towards food, masks, sanitizers and other PPE in close coordination with state authorities,” expressed Mr. Bimal Dayal, CEO, Indus Towers.
Indus Towers has always kept India connected in the face of calamitous natural disasters and adversity. At present, the field employees of Indus Towers are enabling seamless 24x7 connectivity for smooth functioning of the essential services as well as the digital operation that are dependent on the company’s infrastructure.

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